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Related post: Pursuing Susie by J. OceanI guess in a way it was bad what we did to Susie-at least on the surface. But to tell you the truth, I don't feel guilty about it at all. Maybe after I explain what happened you'll understand why. My name is Morgan and I'm a junior at the University of Washington. I live at an apartment off-campus with my roommate Angelina, who had also been my lover since we shared a room on campus in our freshman year. Angelina's an Italian girl free lolita sex galleries with beautiful brown eyes, olive skin, and long black hair, about 5'5'' and very curvy and delectable. At the beginning of sophomore year we decided to move into this apartment together, and it's been a perfect arrangement for us. Both our families would have flipped if we'd wanted to move free young naughty lolitas in with a boy, but since neither of them knows that we like girls, they had no objection to our living together. We get along illegl lolita virgins pix really free naked little lollita well and we fuck often-alone or in threesomes (or more)-but we keep separate bedrooms and we don't have an exclusive relationship. We have an agreement that we can sleep with other girls whenever we want to as long as we always tell each other the truth about it. We figure we're too young to be tied down to one person, and there's just so much to experience out there. It's nice to have someone to live with, though, someone who's always there for you. I'm a little taller than Angelina, about 5'8'', and I'm skinnier with a slightly smaller chest. My hair is naturally blond but a lot lolitas dreams preteen nude of the time it's dyed red or blue or something. I've been having lesbian sex since I had an affair with my cousin the summer before my senior year in high school. I'm studying Chemistry and I manage to do pretty well in school in between lolitas bbs bambi model all of my other activities. Anyway, at the free lolita pictures toplist beginning of this year, a new girl moved in across the hall. She knocked on our door and introduced herself while Angie and I were sprawled in the living room, studying. She told us her name was Susie and that she was a freshman at our school. We introduced ourselves but I was so blown away by her that I could barely remember my name. Susie is an absolutely stunning redhead with a round face and these gorgeous, giant green eyes. It was a warm day, too, and she was wearing a black half-T that showed off her phenomenal breasts and silky-soft belly, and a pair of tight cutoffs that looked unbelievable on her. She was wearing her hair in a ponytail and she had just a touch of baby fat left on her, but it only made her sexier. Angelina and loli child nude underage I exchanged glances and I knew that we were both thinking the same thing: I have just got to get a piece of Susie. But we put on thai nude lolita boyz our best behavior and greeted her warmly, inviting her in for some lemonade. I tried to converse calmly about normal things, though I couldn't help myself from surreptitiously stealing looks at her tits. In the back of my mind, I was already picturing what Susie would look like naked and imagining the things I would do to her given the chance. I got pretty wet preteen pamela lolita models as we sat there chatting, and as soon as Susie went back to her hot young lolitas galleries apartment, Angie and I attacked each other and 69ed for about an hour, just to calm ourselves down. We didn't talk about it, but I knew that we were both thinking about Susie and about whether it would be possible to get into her panties. I'm pretty good at telling which girls are beddable and which aren't, but it takes a little while. I knew that we'd have to take our time and not blow it by rushing things. Susie kept pretty much to herself at first but was always friendly when we saw her. I tried to figure out what I could about her. The apartment that she lived in was a pretty big one-bedroom and she lived by herself, and she drove a BMW convertible, so it was obvious that she was pretty well-off. We'd find out later that her father was a fairly well-known conservative congressman. Angelina and I took every opportunity to invite Susie over to our apartment for coffee, or dinner, or a movie, or whatever. Initially she turned us down often but as time wore on she started hanging out at our place fairly regularly. It turned out that she was very sweet and fun to be with, as well as being fantastic to look at. But whenever I talked to her my mind would wander as I pictured myself kissing her belly button, her stomach dotted with fine beads of sweat, burying my face in her furry red bush, and moving down between her legs... Then I'd shiver to shake off the vision and try to pay attention to the conversation, try not to stare. I didn't want to scare her off, just in case there was a chance. Angelina and I never came right out and told Susie lolitas preten no nude that we were dykes, but we didn't hide it, either. From our conversations it was pretty hard to miss; and, after all, Susie lived right across the hall, and Angie and some of the other girls we brought home could be quite loud at times. home made lolita pictures Despite her father's politics, Susie seemed to have a pretty liberal frame of mind and never looked shocked, though she would be a younc taboo loli pussy little embarrassed at times. Of course, Angie and I were always studying Susie closely, trying to gauge her reactions. About a month after school started, we sat down and compared notes. Susie knew that Angie and I were lovers, but hadn't stopped hanging out with us, which was a good sign. And we hadn't seen her with any guys, which was a very good sign. She was always friendly and laughed at our jokes, and could get a certain kind of flirtatious look in her eyes when she was around us. And she often dressed very sexily-wearing tube tops, short skirts, tight T-shirts, and so on. Angelina and I decided the signs russian nude lolita cp were good-that it might just be possible to seduce Susie. We got ourselves so excited and carried away talking about it that we decided to make a bet on preteen loli sluts naked who could get Susie into bed first. The loser would have to be the winner's slave for a week-that way, even though winning would be better, losing wouldn't be so bad. There were two conditions to the bet: the winner would have to tell the loser everything, and would do little black lolita model everything in her power to get Susie into a three-way with the loser. I could feel my temperature rising as we discussed the terms of the bet; my hand crept world exclusive lolita pictures under the kitchen table, up Angie's leg, and into her panties. I slipped a finger into her moist cunt as we concluded our negotiations. She squealed and leaned over to kiss me. In a matter of seconds I had her spread out on the table and was going down on her. We had some of the hottest sex we'd had in months, all fueled by the thought of Susie. After that Angie and I started being a lot more obvious when Susie was around. We took every opportunity to be caught in our underwear, or even topless, when Susie showed up at the door. Angelina in particular was shameless; if Susie and I were in the living room, Angie would emerge from tiny lolita pussy pics her bedroom in nothing but panties and go into the young thai lolita girl kitchen to pour herself a glass of milk. We would rent movies starring beautiful women and make lewd comments about them, Angie and I mock-secretly groping each other in the half-light and moaning underground lolita free nude softly but audibly. Though Angie and I were in competition, the most important thing was getting Susie heated up enough that one of us would get to her, and quick. Having her around the apartment, as hot as she was and showing all that elwebbs net elwebbs lolitas skin, was driving us crazy. And it was working. I could tell by looking into Susie's eyes. There was a certain hunger there when Angelina and I kissed, or when Angie walked by displaying her beautiful tits. And she was definitely flirting with us now, standing very close, giggling girlishly, looking raptly into our eyes and then shyly looking away. preteen lolita panty pictures I started to get very excited; this might actually happen! It would really make my year to finally make love to Susie after so much effort and patience. Finally, one Sunday night Angelina had to go to a study group and Susie and I got together to watch a movie by ourselves. I chose Bound for obvious reasons. I wore an extremely short skirt and a bikini top and cracked open a bottle of white wine for us to share. Susie showed up in tight, faded jeans and an equally tight free lolitas bbs image striped T-shirt that showed off her body to stunning effect; I was so beside myself with lust that I could barely speak. "This is it," I thought. "She's ready and I'm going to have her tonight." We sat next to each other on the couch. I was eager and nervous but tried to play it cool, commenting on the movie from nude french lolita pictures time to time. I made sure to drop into conversation the fact that Angie and I had a nonexclusive relationship. I watched Susie closely when Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon made love; she tensed a little and nervously sipped her wine, but never took her eyes from the screen. When the movie was over, I flipped off the TV and we sat there in the dark, talking and drinking wine. I was a little tipsy and flushed with the heat of Susie's body so nearby. Finally there was a quiet moment; I felt Susie's leg warm against mine, and I leaned over to kiss her. I felt a sense of unleashed desire as her mouth met mine forcefully. My heart leapt with joy; she tasted delicious and I was going to win! Our tongues intertwined private underage lolita pictures and explored each other's mouths. teen lolita sun bbs I kissed Susie's forbiden lolita nude pics ear and lolitas many top sites then her neck, and finally I reached down a to caress one of her breasts... And she was gone. My caress got nothing but air. The room was very dark now, but I could sense her across the room, panting audibly. "What's top list lolla preteen wrong?" I asked. Her voice was weak and broken, shaking with the beginnings of a sob. "I'm sorry," she said, pausing for breath. "I'm not gay. I wanted to- I didn't mean to-" She broke off. "I'm sorry." And she turned, opened the door, and left, just like that. I was stunned. I'd seen the lolitakingdom ls magazine prelolita promised land, had it within my grasp, only to be denied. As I sat there in the dark, I felt sure of one thing-the desire I'd felt in Susie had been real free young lolitas real. She just didn't want to admit it. I didn't see Susie tiny little loltia preteen again until I ran into her in the hallway a few days later. She wouldn't meet my eyes; staring at the floor, she said "I'm sorry about what happened the other night," then quickly changed the subject. She obviously didn't want to talk about it, and I didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable, so I went ahead and chitchatted idly with her for awhile. Things got pretty much back to normal after that. Susie still dropped by the apartment once in a while, though she looked edgy a lot lolitas gallery pay site of the time. We never mentioned what had happened between us, and I didn't want Angelina to know that I had apparently blown my opportunity. But I now wanted her more than ever, having gotten so close. Sometimes it was all I could do to keep myself from physically jumping her. A few weeks later, the three of us had dinner together on a Friday night. Around 10 Angie left to meet some friends of hers at a club downtown. I told Susie that she could take off if she wanted to, but she said she'd stay and help out with nude underage lolita images the dishes. We cleaned up and sat down to watch some TV. As time tiny lolita models net passed, I noticed that lolitas kid 8 years Susie seemed to be edging closer to me on the couch. By midnight we were nestled very close together and I couldn't resist anymore-I again leaned over to kiss her. We necked for awhile, even more passionately than before, and then slowly, gingerly I reached for her left breast with my right hand. I got a nice, round handful and felt a painfully erect nipple pressing into my palm. Then Susie bolted again. She retreated to the doorway and wouldn't respond to my perplexed look. "I'm sorry," lolita picture galleries free she said again. "You're really nice and all. This... this lolita nude preteen models just isn't for me." The door opened and she was gone. I was mad this time. This was the second time she'd gotten me all psyched up and left me wet and frustrated. Cursing, I lit up a joint and pulled off my jeans and panties and fingered myself, picturing the sweet red head that should have been between my legs. After coming a couple times, I calmed down, but I was still pretty bummed. The worst part was that I could feel that Susie wanted it preteen lolita in undies as badly as I did-she was just holding herself back, unwilling or unable to let go. Probably for some stupid reason like her dad or what she had been taught growing up. I just sat there for a long time smoking and brooding, and finally about 4 a.m. Angelina walked in. "What's up?" she asked. I was lolita preteen nude russion too depressed and stoned not to tell the truth, so lolitas guestbook ls magazine I sweet little preteens lolitas said, "Susie. We started kissing, she seemed like she was all into it, and then..." "She took off?" "Yeah. This is the second time it's happened." "Really?" said Angie. "The exact same thing happened to me! One night when you weren't here, we started making out. I got all hot and bothered, and then she bailed. Said she wasn't a dyke. But I'm not buying it." "Yeah," I said. "She really wants to, but she's afraid." "It just about killed me." "It's driving me out of my mind! There's got to be something preteen pics lolita nymphets we can do. We want her, she wants us. There has to be a bbs child loli pic way to make her forget whatever's holding her back." So Angelina and I decided to call off our bet and, talking until dawn, we came up with lolita girls xxxxx model a plan. And this is where the story gets kind of iffy, like little xxx lolicon pics I said. You might say our plan seems questionable, and objectively I'd have to agree with you. But to have such a tasty morsel, so lolita child model bbs asian teen model lolita close at hand...we just couldn't help ourselves. Here's what we did: We waited until things had cooled hot little lolita bbs off with Susie and then, the next Friday night, we invited her over for dinner again. She turned up around 9, wearing blue denim overalls that showed her bare arms with her hair tied back, looking phenomenally cute. Angelina fixed this great dinner of garlic chicken and we sat and talked, but I kept breaking out into a lustful and nervous sweat, knowing what we had planned. See, we had slipped a sedative into Susie's wine. So when the three of us retired into the living room after dinner, not 10 minutes had passed before preteen lolita foreign web Susie fell fast asleep on the couch. Angelina and I exchanged sly grins. Susie looked so gorgeous and innocent snoozing there, her red head resting on one of the arms. Her overalls had shifted so that we had a bbs hentai loli gallery good look at the bright red bra she had on underneath them. I walked over to the couch and stroked Susie's hair. I was very tempted to just tear her clothes off and have my way with her right then and there. But that lolita bd nude pics would have been crossing the line. Angie and I had worked out our plan very carefully and decided what we did and didn't consider acceptable, under the circumstances. So we picked up the unconscious redhead and moved her into Angie's bedroom, where we had made preparations beforehand. It was a matter of just a few minutes to get everything ready; then we sat down and smoked a joint, watching our lovely captive breathe, waiting for her to wake up. When Susie awoke, she found lolita kid models nudism herself standing with her hands cuffed behind her back around one of the posts of Angelina's canopy bed. I saw her underwear lolita nn pic eyes register surprise and she started to say something, only to find that she had been gagged. She looked over to the corner of the room where Angie and I were reclining, watching her. Getting an inkling of what was going on, Susie naked lolas loli fotos then looked down at herself, but found that she was still wearing her overalls. I smiled and stood up, walking over to stand by Susie. She stared at me nymphets shy lolita portal wide-eyed and questioning, struggling briefly with the handcuffs, then quickly discovering that it was useless. I paused, savoring the sensation of power over this sweet young thing. Then I felt a twinge preteen lolita girlie pics of guilt as bondage rape lolita porn I saw fear in Susie's eyes and I spoke up, trying to put her at ease. "Hi, Susie," I said sweetly. "You can relax, nothing's going to happen to you. You're going to be tied up there for exactly one hour. When the hour's up, if you want us to let you go, we'll let you go. Do you understand?" Susie nodded. I grabbed Angelina's alarm clock and set it naked lolita kids picture for one hour later. Now it was showtime. Angie went over to the stereo and put on some music. It was this album called Dr. Octagon, weird and funky rap. As the bass started to throb, I had a seat on Angie's recliner in the corner. Angie jumped up on her ls nude lolitas magazine desk and started to dance for us-me in the dark corner and our captive audience by the bed. Angie was wearing a teen lolita bbs galletries leather jacket over a black baby dorki loli rompl lace bra and a short leather skirt over black fishnet stockings and a garter belt. Her lips were fiery red and her long black mane had never looked so great as she ground her hips and bent down to show Susie her chest. As the second song began, Angelina took off the jacket and tossed it aside. She played with her breasts for our benefit, cupping them, pressing them together, stroking her nipples. Next Angie took off the bra, baring her beautiful tits. She resumed fondling them, pulling on her now very erect nipples and wetting them with saliva. Then she unzipped the skirt, shook it down to teen asian lolita bbs her feet, and stepped out naked lolitas preview sites of it. Now she was dancing in just the stockings and garter and the black lace panties she had on over them. naked extremely young lolitas Angelina slid a hand down into her panties, We saw it move down between her legs and she stroked herself, thrusting her head back preteen lolita models galleries and her chest out. I looked over at Susie. She was staring intently at the shape of Angie's hand as it moved under the lace. Another song started and Angie hooked her thumbs into her panties and slipped them down over her hips, thighs, knees and ankles. Her pretty black bush was now on display. Her hand quickly returned to her crotch, running lolita nude small pussy through the hair and sliding down between her legs again. The pink of her pussy was just barely visible in front. After a few minutes Angie sat down on the desk and spread her legs wide, showing us her cunt. Although I had seen her exquisite snatch many, many times before, it had never looked so perfect. I could see that she was incredibly wet from the way the light reflected off her lips. Slowly, seductively, she removed the garter and rolled the stockings down her legs pedo incest lolita pics and off. She was now completely naked, and she lay back on the desk with her russian prelolita nympho models legs apart. Parting her pussy lips, she slid a finger up into her slit. Writhing in time with the music, she began to move the finger in and out. I could see that she was totally into young naked lolita s the moment now, and she had begun to sweat a little bit as she stabbed more fingers into her hole. Her fingers found her clit again and again and she came, spasming lolita teen free photo and then laying real lolita video free still, a sexy preteen hard loli look lolita 16 yo pic of rapture on her face, glistening with sweat and juices. I looked over at Susie again. She was completely bug-eyed, her gaze focused on Angelina's exposed crotch. I let Angie recover for just a minute; then it was time for the second part tiny lolia modles com of our little show. I walked over to where Angie lay on the desk, planting a big wet kiss on her mouth. I helped her stand up and then, producing our other pair of handcuffs from my pocket, cuffed her hands behind her back. I put my hands on Angie's shoulders and gently pushed her down till she was on her knees. Then I snapped a collar onto her neck and attached a short leash. I led Angie by the leash as she crawled on her knees until I had her situated in front of the recliner. I smiled down at Angelina on her knees before me, bound and naked. This had to be working on Susie. It was sure working on me. I stripped off my blouse and leaned down to feed Angie first one breast, then the other. I pulled off my jeans and panties and sat on the recliner. I slowly opened my legs, exposing my pussy to Angie and mega dildos colegialas lolitas to our audience. I started to pull Angelina's head in toward it and she extended her tongue in anticipation, but then I got ahold of her leash and held her just a few inches away. She let out a moan of frustration and it was painful for me too, but I kept her lolitas nude viejas cerdas there straining against the leash, sticking her tongue out as far as it would go to try to reach my snatch. Gradually I let her get closer and closer and finally I felt her warm tongue against my lips. underage lolita animal sex I let go of the leash and forced Angelina's head tight up against my crotch as she drove her lolita free pic galleries tongue inside me. Angie's child lolita model index always passionate but she was absolutely mad as she devoured my orifice. She had me coming inside a minute and made me come three more times before she had to come up for air. Angelina smiled up at me devilishly, her nose and mouth covered with my juice. I was losing control by now. I pushed her onto her back and straddled her head, grinding down onto her face as loli image boards sandra I lay down on top of her, stabbing my tongue between her cunt lips. I almost forgot where I was and what I was doing, intoxicated by Angie's taste and aroma, until pre lolita model bbs I looked lolitas 12 years models up and saw Susie. Then I remembered our big finale. I disappeared into the bathroom for a minute and when ls nodel lolitas world I returned, I was wearing a foot-long strap-on dildo. Kneeling in front of me, Angie licked and sucked it till it was nice and wet. Then I walked around behind her, bent her over and penetrated her. She let out a yelp and exhaled audibly as more and more of the dildo disappeared into top lolitas bbs list her hole. I fucked lovely Angelina with all my strength, her face against lolita young nude pics the carpet as she lifted her ass into the air to meet me. I swear that I could feel the dildo, I could feel myself inside her, filling her completely. I fucked Angie to a giant, screaming orgasm that seemed to be happening to me too. And then the alarm went off. It was the moment of truth. I uncuffed Angelina and took off the dildo. Together we cp dark lolita portal walked over to where Susie stood, handcuffed to the bed. I took just a second to behold her loveliness, gently stroking her cheek. I removed her gag. At last, I asked Susie the question I had been waiting to ask. "Do you want us to let you go?" There was a moment's pause before she responded, a quiet, electric moment. Time seemed to stop. Looking at the floor, Susie shook her head. "Say it," I told her. Only the great bbs lolitas then did she look up and meet my gaze. "No." Angie and I smiled at each other, savoring our victory. Then we dove at our little redhead, kissing lolita dark collection livedoor her on the mouth and neck and ears. She young loli preteen pic squirmed and gasped and drove her tongue into our mouths. We unstrapped Susie's overalls at the shoulders and rolled them down around her waist, fondling her tits and stroking her jutting nipples through the red lace of her bra. The bra came off soon after and we finally beheld Susie's tits nude teen lolita top naked and unfettered. We knelt and began to lick and suck those delicious globes, portal lola ls magazine me on the left and Angie on the right. After awhile we found ourselves being drawn downward, kissing below Susie's tits, her navel, her hipbones. I caught a whiff of arousal drifting up from her crotch and nearly passed out from happiness. We pulled Susie's overalls down around her ankles and off; now she was wearing only red lace panties matching her bra and a pair of cute black-and-white striped socks. We kissed Susie's knees, her thighs, her lace-covered mound. She moaned and shivered as our tongues caressed her flesh. I looked up at her and she spoke softly, breathlessly. little lolita bbs movies "Please." Angie grasped one side of fresh teen lolita pussy the sun lolitas bbs ls-magazine waistband and I took the other, and we slid the panties down over her hips, her thighs, lolita dark ls models her knees, her calves, her ankles and her feet, and off. Susie's lush red bush was right duvx non nude lolita there in front of us, just inches from my eyes. I kissed it, then Angelina did, then we ran our tongues through it and across the soft skin next to it. We held Susie's legs and pulled them up and open until her right leg rested on my left shoulder and her left on Angie's right shoulder. There it was before us-paradise. It was all I'd been thinking about for months, and now here it was, mine for the taking-the pinkest, wettest, most beautiful pussy I'd ever seen. I wanted the moment dark lolita cp pics to last forever, and Angie and I held back, admiring, keeping Susie waiting, for as long as we could. But it wasn't really that long before we could wait no more. We slid our tongues up Susie's inner thighs until they met at the center of her sex, touching as they darted between her petals. Her fresh young cunt tasted like the sweetest nectar. Susie let out a long womanly wail and thrashed her hips as Angie and I ate her like shipwreck victims having their first meal in months. Our tongues moved frantically across her lips and as far up inside her as they'd go, meeting each other in their paths. then flicking against Susie's clit. In a frenzy we made her come once, twice, three times, then again and again, feeling her spasm against us. At long last-it could have been hours later, I couldn't say-we lay back on the floor, heads swimming, our faces covered with Susie's honey and loose red pubic hairs. When I felt able to stand again, I uncuffed Susie and the three of us embraced. She was smiling broadly and kissed me hard on the mouth. All her shyness seemed to be gone. She looked into my eyes, then over at Angelina. "I want to do you now," she said. I nodded at Angie. "You first," I said; I wanted to watch and anticipate. I took a seat as Angie reclined on the bed. I lit up another joint as I saw Susie's lips close around one of Angie's breasts. I watched happily as Susie's red head made its way down Angie's body and our little neighbor began to lick my roommate's pussy-her first. Judging by the helpless noises Angelina was making, she must have been doing a pretty good job. After a time, Susie lifted her head from Angie's crotch and looked at me. I motioned for her to come over. She knelt in front of me as Angie had done earlier; I kissed her and gave her a toke. I put one breast into Susie's mouth, then the other, feeling her soft lips play across my skin and her tongue caress my nipples. I slipped a finger into my twat, wetting it, then put it into Susie's mouth; she sucked it as eagerly as any baby with its bottle. She looked so sweet and innocent and also so dirty there, nude on her knees before me, nursing blissfully on my finger. I spread my legs and drew Susie's head down between them. It felt like an electric shock when her tongue penetrated me. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling as Susie enthusiastically gave me head. She had me exploding in no time, but I only pulled her tighter up against me, eager for more. When I opened my eyes again it was to free loli models pictures the beautiful sight of sweet Susie's head between my thighs; then I noticed that Angie had joined in, sliding underneath Susie to lap at her cunt. So this is heaven, I thought. The three of us made love in every possible combination until dawn and finally fell asleep in a heap in the morning sun, exhausted and inconceivably happy. So, as you can imagine, I really don't feel that bad about it.
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